Writer’s Block? Top Tips for Finding Topics

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Writer’s Block? Top Tips for Finding TopicsWriter’s Block? Top Tips for Finding Topics. It’s not uncommon for content creators to hit a block wall when trying to come up with ideas on topics they can write about. Knowing this may happen to you somewhere along the line, it’s best to arm yourself with resources that can help you overcome the times you encounter “writer's block.”

First and foremost, start by looking around at online forums, blogs and various communities that contain popular topics. Use some of those topics as ideas and use it as a useful tool to help you come up with topics for your own content. If this particular topic is being discussed on someone else’s site, why not create an informative article or blog post on yours?  Of course never-ever copy content.

Check out popular websites that provide the most recent up-to-date news in your niche. These site usually get a lot of visitors. Finding a topic and using that topic as an idea for website content is a great way to draw some of those interested visitors to your site.

Encourage visitor interaction on your blog and/or website. Having a forum where people can have conversations about given topics is a great way to let visitors be part of your community, but it will also give you an idea of what your viewers are interested in.  Listen to what they are saying.

“How-to” topics and instructional content are both subjects that seem to attract readers. If you think about it, there are many times people will use search engines to find information on “how-to” do something or guidance on specific topics they are interested in.  How many times do you "Google" that?  I don't think there is ever a day that passes that I am not Googling something.

Social media is another great way to see what the booming topics are. People talk about so many different things on a day-to-day basis. These particular types of sites are generally very busy and have tons of activity. This could possibly be one of the most useful resources you may find because of the amount of ongoing activity.  Ask questions on your own Social Media.

I keep what I call a Swipe File of ideas that I come across and if I feel stumped for what to write about I go to that file and go through it and I'm never lost of an idea.

Finding topics to write about really isn’t that difficult, but remember that your content needs to be more than just an interesting topic. The content needs to contain useful information for readers and it must be interesting enough to capture and keep their attention.

Always keep your eyes and ears open and listen to what people are talking about, what they have questions about, what they have problems with, what keeps them awake at night, and those are your topics.

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