Quality Content and Why it is Essential for Marketing Success

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Today we are going to talk about quality content and why it is essential for marketing success. Have you ever wondered why someone may have the best product or service but it really doesn't sell that well, and then you see someone else that has a mediocre product or service and the sales are through the roof? The difference may very well be their content, their sales copy. Flash back to the days when the internet didn't exist and communication was mainly done through the written or spoken word. In those days, not so long ago, all successful marketers and salespeople knew that the quality and value of their words was key to their success. Today, where online content dominates print content, many of the world's top SEO and web marketing experts still say that "content is king." Why is this the case? How is it that even after decades, no matter the medium, content is still the crux of good marketing? ==> Content Builds Customer Loyalty Quality Content and Why it is Essential for Marketing SuccessBusinesses aren't built on first-time visitors. Companies like the Wall Street Journal don't make most of their money from people picking up their newspapers for the first time. They make money from people who've read their content and then decided it was good enough that they either wanted to purchase again or subscribe to a subscription. If businesses had to get a new customer every time in order to get paid, they'd all have gone out of business by now. It takes much more in resources to acquire a new client or customer then to take good care of the clients and customers you have, keeping them happy and loyal customers. Yet many online publications approach their business that way. Instead of focusing on repeat visitors, they focus on optimizing for search engines so they get more new customers. At the end of the day, however, the really famous and successful websites and blogs, like Social Media Examiner or Mashable, ultimately still get most of their traffic from repeat visitors. Yes, search engines love them, and they do consistently get new followers, but their businesses would be a fraction of what they are today if they didn't have great content, consistently. High quality content once in a while won't cut it either, as I repeatedly say consistency is a must.. ==> Content Quality Impacts Search Engine Results For many years Google and other search engines have worked towards making their search results pull up better and better results. They want people who search on their engines to find the best content possible in relation to what they're searching for. As search engines get smarter, marketers who focus primarily on marketing tactics rather than actual content will die a slow, and sometimes financially painful, death. Google has proven this repeatedly by continually downgrading the importance of low-quality links and upgrading the importance of usage statistics and other metrics to actually measure the content value of a website. If you build your website around great content while having a decent understanding of basic SEO, your site will flourish. If you put all your attention on SEO and don't pay much attention to your content, you'll always be trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines. ==> Great Content Can Sell High Ticket Items A low quality content website might be able to sell $0.20 clicks via AdSense. But a high quality website could sell expensive coaching program DVD sets by the hundreds. Having great quality content allows you to build a relationship with your readers. That relationship allows you to sell any number of things to your readers. From high end items to recurring memberships to one on one coaching, it all starts from having high quality content that your readers find valuable, and building that relationship with your readers before you ever sell to them. In the long run, only content that really helps people is going to succeed. Content that just fills the page and doesn't provide value for readers is likely to get downgraded more and more as time passes. Please stop by my Facebook page at Kim's Facebook page, and let me know your thoughts about quality content. Do you have problems consistently producing quality content? Would love to hear your thoughts?  Happy writing!

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