How a Christmas Movie Can Help You in Life And Business Elf: Enthusiasm Is Contagious

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How a Christmas Movie Can Help You in Life And Business Elf: Enthusiasm Is ContagiousA couple of years ago a wrote a series of posts over the holidays that I had a lot of fun with on lessons we could learn from Christmas movies to use not only in life but in our business too.  I thought this one again this year, something a little different.  I hope you enjoy it, How a Christmas Movie Can Help You in Life And Business Elf: Enthusiasm Is Contagious. Take a six-foot tall adopted elf named Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) who wants to find his birth father, make that father the prickly James Caan, and throw them together  in the midst of New York City and see what happens. Buddy wants a warm and cuddly family reunion; his father Walter wants nothing more than to make this newfound son disappear, preferably with a pair of cement boots on him. Ah, but this is Christmas, so not only does Buddy convince his new family that syrup tastes good on everything; he also wins the heart of his stepmother, half-brother, and the cynical Jovie, his new love. And yes, Walter eventually sees the light. So business owners, here’s your business lesson from Buddy the Elf: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” So… what if you’re not Santa? Buddy would tell you it doesn’t matter. Enthusiasm is catchy. No one is going to be more excited about your business, your product, your podcast, your class, your blog than you are. Sometimes we feel a little hesitant to show our enthusiasm. It can be risky to show how much we care about something. But if we don’t show our passion, we’re not going to convince anyone else to follow or act on our recommendations. I’m changing this paragraph from the original post, because well I feel led to do so.  I am a Christian and share that with no shame, however, I would rather hope that I more so share it by how I live my daily life, not quite sure what that has to do with Elf, but I just felt led to share that;-) I hope that it shines through in how I run my business, post on my Facebook page, my Twitter page, and how I interact with all of those I know and don’t know. I also hope that you let your beliefs and convictions shine through in your life and your business.  SHINE!! Here are a few tips to be like Buddy the Elf without going over the top in the sales department:
  • Be honest. Don’t sell or promote something you don’t believe in. It never works – people can tell, and you’ll damage your reputation.
  • Be yourself. You may be the understated type who isn’t going to jump out of a helicopter a la Richard Branson to promote your latest business venture. You don’t have to be! (One Richard Branson is enough for this world.) But do show your energy in a way that is natural for you.
  • Be realistic. If you promote every new thing that comes down the block, or have a new solution du jour, pretty soon no one is going to listen to you.
The best way to be successful in life and in business to be honest, caring about your customers, be you! I hope that you are taking time to reflect on the true meaning of this season.  Until next week.  Merry Christmas! Kim

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